Our mission and strategy

Our mission is to help people do more, feel better, live longer.

At GSK, we have an evolving business model for a sustainable future. With the aim to increase growth, reduce risk, and improve our long-term financial performance, it is focused around five strategic priorities - grow a diversified global business, deliver more products of value, simplify the operating model, create a culture of individual empowerment, and build trust.

At the same time, our strategic priorities are underpinned by our responsible business approach and we are continually listening to stakeholders to understand their expectations better.

Grow a diversified business

We have been creating a more balanced business and product portfolio, capable of delivering sustainable sales growth. Globally, this is centred on our three business areas of Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines and Consumer Healthcare. In March 2015 we acquired Novartis’s vaccines business (excluding influenza vaccines) and combined our Consumer Healthcare businesses to create a new company. 

In India, we have also attempted to broad base our offerings in recent times in order to strengthen our healthcare impact footprint by entering new therapeutic areas as well as channels.

Deliver more products of value

GSK is one of the biggest investors in R&D to bring new products and vaccines to the market. This has enabled GSK India to bring a number of new drugs to the market since inception. One-third of our new candidate vaccines in development globally, target diseases particularly prevalent in the developing world, including all three WHO infectious disease priorities: HIV, malaria and TB28.

Simplify the operating model

As our business continues to change shape, we are transforming how we operate so that we can reduce complexity and become more efficient. This frees up resources to reinvest elsewhere in the business.



Create a culture of individual empowerment 

We are building a culture where employees are empowered, united by our values and able to achieve great things.​ Our employment practices are designed to help us create the right workplace culture in which all employees feel valued, respected, empowered and inspired. 


Build trust

We are committed to operating responsibly and ensuring that our behaviour and actions meet or exceed the expectations of society. Being a responsible business is central to our strategy, and how we deliver success is just as important as what we achieve.