Employee health, safety and wellbeing

The safety, health and wellbeing of our employees is just as important to us at GSK as the health of the patients and consumers who depend on our pharmaceuticals products and vaccines.

We take a progressive approach to employee health, going beyond conventional health and safety – which remains fundamental – to focus on key aspects of employee health and wellbeing such as managing energy and resilience, and providing unprecedented global access to preventive health services.

Our commitment to keeping our people safe

Protecting the health and safety of our people is integral to everything we do.  Safety is a fundamental part of our corporate culture.  We focus on preventing incidents before they occur, with a focus on assessing and reducing risk throughout our activities and raising awareness through training and communication on key risks, such as working with chemical and biological materials, operating machinery or driving.

Providing a safe workplace – whether in laboratories, manufacturing sites or offices -  and while travelling is vitally important to us. We have company programmes that promote the importance and value of high safety standards and systems which are implemented through open communication, good risk management and involvement of all employees.

Our commitment to our employees’ health and wellbeing

Our mission is to help people do more, feel better, live longer.  And this starts with our own people. That’s why we’re committed to helping our people be at their best – at work and at home.

We have a range of dedicated employee health and wellbeing programmes and support services that enable employees to understand their own health and take actions to protect their health as well as that of their family – and make healthy choices that enable them to live well so they feel healthier, happier and more energised at work and at home.  

We believe we are going one step further than any other multinational employer by committing to provide comprehensive preventive healthcare benefits to all our employees and their families worldwide.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability

We are working hard to reduce our environmental footprint, even as we grow our business to extend the benefits of GSK products to more patients and customers around the world. Our environmental sustainability strategy sets an ambitious, long-term goal for the company’s whole value chain to be carbon neutral by 2050.

We have set ambitious goals to reduce carbon, water and waste across our value chain – from the sourcing of raw materials and the impacts of our own labs and factories, to the use and disposal of our products by patients and consumers. By using resources more efficiently, and collaborating with others to tackle these challenges, we can reduce costs, enhance competitiveness and reduce our impact on the environment.