Employees helping communities

Employee volunteering is important to us. We encourage our people to contribute to their local communities – and give them plenty of support to do so. In 2015, over 3,000 employees made a difference by contributing over 14,000 volunteering hours.

Employee volunteering isn’t only about giving to others. It helps our people to gain new experiences and skills plus, in many cases, a deeper understanding of patient needs.

Employee volunteering day known as orange day

We launched Orange Day to give all our employees one paid day off each year to volunteer for a good cause. Employees across all locations have supported a wide range of charities and projects including work in local schools, work with differently abled, with abandoned elderly and with vulnerable children. We organise group volunteering opportunities for Orange Day based on interests of our employees and the need of the communities.

Payroll giving

We encourage employees to participate in relief operations of our partner organisations by contributing funds for disaster relief, which are matched by GSK India. Our colleagues have donated generously for relief operations in Jammu & Kashmir, Nepal and more recently for Chennai floods.

Our employees also have the option to donate to their preferred charity partner and chosen cause anywhere in the country through our partner, Give India.

Each year, we organise events across all our locations to raise funds for our global partnership with Save the Children. The amount raised by employees in India is utilised for improving healthcare of children in India. GSK matches funds contributed by employees across all countries and the matched funds are utilised for our global partnership, which aims to ‘Save One Million Children’s Lives’. This cause and partnership brings together all employees across all countries where GSK has a presence and we proudly call it ‘Orange United’.

Skill-based full-time volunteering called PULSE

The PULSE Volunteer Partnership is a skills-based volunteering initiative. Through PULSE, eligible employees are matched to a non-profit organisation for three or six months full-time, contributing their skills to solve healthcare challenges at home and abroad.

Through PULSE, volunteers work with our not-for-profit partners to address challenges relating to healthcare access and issues affecting communities. The program enables our employees to work full-time with partner organisations, leveraging their professional expertise and knowledge for the good of the organisation and society. Since its launch in 2009, PULSE has sent over 705 employees globally to support more than 120 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) across the world. India has sent over 50 colleagues for PULSE both within and outside India.

To hear the experiences of our employees who have participated in PULSE, watch this video: