Faces of GSK

Rashi Phoolwani, Human Resources

The sense of job satisfaction in working for GSK is immense. In my 8 years here, I feel recognised, supported and rewarded. My aspiration is to champion change in everything that I do at GSK.

Rahul Deshpande, Finance

My father and my uncle began their career and retired from Glaxo India. For this reason, I have had an emotional bond with GSK from when I was a child. I never thought that I would work for one company for 12 years and this alone is a proud achievement to me.

Bhawna Sharma, Vaccines, India

Bhawna Sharma, Vaccines

As a young management graduate, I was impressed by GSK's Future Leader Programme, where emphasis was laid on learning from grassroots. There was no shortcut to the top, but once you worked hard on something , there was no holding you back either. The different roles in which I worked gave me a strong foundation of competencies, ranging from sales excellence to people management.

Chitra Srinivaasan, Finance, India

Chitra Srinivaasan, Finance

Straight out of college, during a training assignment, I was offered an opportunity to work for (then) Glaxo. As it was one of the most respected companies in India and my mother worked here too, I was keen to be a part of the GSK family. When I look back at my career, I feel proud of the professional growth that GSK has helped me achieve.

Gauravraj Singh, Commercial, India

Gauravraj Singh, Commercial

GSK's patient focus gives me a deep sense of fulfilment in my job. At the moment, I work on Veeva, a Customer Relationship Management tool, which will go live in India from 1 September 2016. Veeva is the biggest change to happen in GSK to the way we engage healthcare professionals (HCPs). More than three decades ago, Glaxo innovated with Visual Aids to detail to HCPs and we are now embracing digital technology. It's exciting times ahead.

Girish Mahajan, Commercial, India

Girish Mahajan, Commercial

I never thought I'd join a profession where I will have to interact with new faces everyday proactively as I was always quite shy. This role has brought in a 360° change in my personality- my perception has changed and I now feel more confident and comfortable interacting with HCPs and others. Working for GSK also gives me a sense of purpose and the satisfaction that I contribute to society.

Gurpinder Singh, Multi-Channel Marketing, India

Gurpinder Singh, Multi-Channel Marketing

It's a proud feeling to work for a company with such a long history of leadership in the industry. Having been in this industry for over a decade, I heard that the GSK culture supports learning and development on the job and rewards hard work.

Rachel Pereira, Commercial, India

Rachel Pereira, Commercial

My proudest moment in GSK was when I was selected for the Fast-track Career Programme. I was one of three selected from the field, trained and given opportunities to rotate through the business.
I feel great when I see the initial look of surprise and then awe when I tell people I work for GSK. The reaction usually is "Oh wow, you work at Glas-co/Galaxo/Glaxco ('Glaxo' is usually mispronounced in India- GSK is easier to say)."

S.B. Nair, Commercial, India

S.B. Nair, Commercial

With our focus on what is best for patients, I have a strong sense that my work contributes to the larger society. I aspire to be in a leadership position and formulate a vision that will take our great organisation to Numero Uno in India.

Sonal Kshirsagar, Commercial, India

Sonal Kshirsagar, Commercial

GSK brands are high on quality and the most trusted. This makes me feel proud to interact with customers on our brands. Moreover, GSK's patient-centric approach provides me a lot of confidence while interacting with HCPs and it is enjoyable and satisfying work.

Yogesh Gopalkrishnan, Finance, India

Yogesh Gopalkrishnan, Finance

I joined GSK as part of the Novartis Integration. The finance function here is common across all divisions, unlike in Novartis. Such an organisation is a matrix of learning. In addition, GSK is an employee-friendly company and colleagues here make you comfortable with their warm acceptance.
I have represented Novartis playing cricket and I hope to do the same for GSK.