Respiratory therapy

How well are your Asthma and COPD patients using their inhaler devices?

  • Incorrect device use is common and associated with poor disease control
  • Ensuring a patient’s compliance with correct device inhalation technique is crucial for efficient therapy

Correct inhaler use by patients can be promoted by:

  • Choosing a device that is easy to use.
  • Considering each patient’s preference.
  • Individual face to face instruction / demonstration of correct techniques.
  • Regular reviews of the patient’s inhaler technique and adherence.

These recommendations are in line with guidance given by national and international authorities.

How can Seretide Accuhaler help?

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Seretide Accuhaler offers proven ease of use, patient preference & reliability

Seretide Accuhaler is easy to use compared with other inhalers

  • Accuhaler had by far the lowest rate of incorrect handling by patients vs an MDI, DPI 1*, DPI 2*(p<0.31)
  • Accuhaler was also easier to use and associated with fewer critical errors