Inclusion and Diversity

We are an equal opportunity employer and have people from diverse backgrounds in our workforce. We are building a talent pipeline that includes people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds and they are given an equal opportunity to grow and develop within the organisation.

We aim to create an inclusive workplace to attract and retain the most talented people from all backgrounds and cultures. We focus on creating an inclusive organisation where all employees feel engaged and know that their work makes an important contribution towards the progress of the company. An inclusive environment welcomes different knowledge, perspectives, experiences and working styles from across our global population. This not only enhances individual creativity and innovation, but makes good business sense. We also try to ensure that we understand the needs of people with disabilities when defining job roles suitable for them.

Gender diversity

We are focused on enabling gender diversity all across the organisation. We have introduced several interventions and policy enablers to encourage gender diversity in sales, management and senior roles.

GSK has always been committed to gender diversity in the workplace. Successive studies have shown that having a diverse organisation, at all levels, is good for business as this brings better quality decisions through diversity of thought, experience and style and a more balance approach to risk.

To underpin our continued focus on diversity and more specifically to develop a leadership pipeline of women, GSK India has launched the ‘Women’s Leadership Board’. Reena Ved, Chairperson of the Board said, "Our aim is to provide a safe working environment to women, supported by organisational policies, in order to better engage women and develop their careers so that they can break perceptions of any glass ceiling. We are confident that we will deliver results and develop more women talent across all levels."