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Learn more about the vaccines, specialty and general medicines that we market in India.

Our product areas

Our portfolio spans three product areas: vaccines, specialty and general medicines. Globally, we’re prioritising R&D investment in vaccines and specialty medicines, which we expect to grow to around three quarters of our business by 2026.


Our focus brands across general medicines, vaccines and specialty products


General medicines

General medicines

General medicines are usually prescribed in primary care or community settings by general healthcare practitioners. Globally, this includes our medicines for inhaled respiratory, dermatology and other diseases. These vital medications are the engine room for GSK, supporting hundreds of millions of people to enjoy a better everyday quality of life.

In India, our general medicines business has a broad portfolio of established medicines with commercial leadership in anti-infectives, pain, dermatology and vitamins.

  • Augmentin
  • Calpol
  • Ceftum
  • Eltroxin
  • CCM
  • Neosporin
  • Betnovate
  • T-bact
  • Physiogel
Unrivalled Vaccine Portfolio of GSK India


Globally, our unrivalled vaccine portfolio targets infectious diseases at every stage of life. From adjuvants that improve vaccine effectiveness, through to mRNA technology, we use advanced technologies and collaborate with our partners to develop new, more effective vaccines that help people around the world to get ahead of disease.

  • Shingrix
  • Infanrix Hexa
  • Synflorix
  • Boostrix
  • Havrix
  • Menveo
  • Fluarix Tetra
  • Varilrix
Specialty medicines

Specialty medicines

As our experts seek innovative new ways to treat the human body, specialty medicines are at the forefront of our high-value pipeline of new products. We are global leaders in developing medicines for respiratory disease and HIV, and we are building our presence in other therapeutic areas such as immunology and oncology.

In India, our Specialty medicines are focussed on helping patients breathe easy through innovative offerings that combine science and technology.

Our Specialty medicines in India

  • Nucala
  • Trelegy Ellipta

*Source: IQVIA MAT March 2023

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