Board of Directors and India Leadership Team

Our Board and India Leadership Team (ILT) have overall responsibility for delivering our ambition, strategy and culture.

Leadership team

  • Bhushan Akshikar

    Bhushan Akshikar

    Managing Director

  • Juby Chandy

    Juby Chandy

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Chinmay Sharma

    Chinmay Sharma

    Executive Vice President, Human Resources

  • Upendra Singh

    Upendra Singh

    Commercial Head - General Medicines

  • Sharmishta Mitra, Commercial Head - Paediatric Vaccines

    Sharmishta Mitra

    Commercial Head - Paediatric Vaccines

  • Shourov Mukherjee

    Shourov Mukherjee

    Commercial Head, Adult Vaccines

  • Ransom D'Souza

    Ransom D'Souza

    Executive Vice President, Communications and Government Affairs

  • Ajay Nadkarni

    Ajay Nadkarni

    Vice President, Company Secretary, Administration and Real Estate

  • Sukanya Choudhury

    Sukanya Choudhury

    Executive Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

  • Dr Rashmi Hegde

    Dr Rashmi Hegde

    Executive Vice President - Country Medical Head, India

  • Ritesh Manchanda

    Ritesh Manchanda

    Customer Supply Chain Lead

  • Amit Pandey

    Executive Vice-President - Legal

  • Simrat Sohal, India Compliance Officer

    Simrat Sohal

    India Compliance Officer

  • Omkar Parnandiwar

    Head, Omnichannel

  • Ms. Aparajita Rajput

    Aparajita Rajput

    India Pharma Technology Head



In this report, we have included statements that anticipate our future performance based on past experience and reasonable assumptions. However, we want to emphasise that these statements are subject to change based on various factors such as changes in industry trends, market conditions, government regulations, laws, and other unforeseen circumstances. It is important to note that these forward looking statements are not a guarantee of our future performance, as the underlying assumptions may change significantly over time. Therefore, we advise readers to exercise caution when relying on these statements and to consider them as indicative of potential outcomes rather than definitive predictions.

Annual Report 2023-24 (PDF, 30.7MB)

At GSK, we are committed to operating at the highest standards of corporate governance.

We believe our governance structure underpins our ability to deliver the company's strategy to grow a diversified business, deliver more products of value and simplify the operating model.

This section provides information on how GSK is governed, including details on our Board Committees, shareholder information and services, global compliance and ethical conduct.

Board Committees and Membership

Audit Committee
D. Sundaram Chairman
Ms. R.S.Karnad  
M. Anand  
P.V. Bhide  
A. Nadkarni Secretary
Nomination and Remuneration Committee
A.N. Roy Chairman
Ms. R.S.Karnad  
D. Sundaram  
A. Nadkarni Secretary
Stakeholder Relationship Committee
Ms. R.S.Karnad Chairperson
P.V. Bhide  
B. Akshikar  
A. Nadkarni Secretary
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee
Dr. S. Maheshwari Chairperson
A. N. Roy  
B. Akshikar  
A. Nadkarni Secretary
Share Transfer Committee
B. Akshikar Chairman
J. Chandy  
A. Nadkarni Secretary
Risk Management Committee
D. Sundaram Chairman
Ms. R.S.Karnad  
M. Anand  
P.V. Bhide  
A. Nadkarni Secretary

Our global leadership team

Our global leadership team has overall responsibility to deliver our strategy and our commitment to operate responsibly for all our stakeholders. We do this by prioritising Innovation, Performance, and Trust.