We have consolidated our leadership in the therapy areas where we provide healthcare solutions to patients, with a wide range of prescription medicines across therapy areas covering anti-infectives, respiratory, dermatology, nutrition, gastrointestinal and rare diseases.

Our leading pharmaceuticals brands

Leading pharmaceuticals brands of GSK

4 GSK brands feature in the top 50 IPM brands: Augmentin, Calpol, Ceftum (Zinnat),

Our marketplace

Marketplace of GSK

In a vast global market for pharmaceuticals, the Asia Pacific region has seen the biggest growth over recent years and the Indian pharmaceuticals market is spearheading this growth. This trend is expected to continue as the world’s population grows, economies in the emerging markets become more prosperous and global changes in lifestyles affect long-term health.

Demand for quality healthcare has also been driven by the growing health insurance sector, which has in turn strengthened demand for quality in healthcare solutions.

Our strategy

GSK's strategy

With opportunities in India opening up, GSK India is aligning itself with the parent company in areas such as clinical trials, clinical data management, global pack management, sourcing raw material and support for business processes including analytics.