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GSK aspires to be one of the world’s most innovative, best performing and trusted healthcare companies and Data is changing the way we think and work at GSK. It is crucial to the future of our business. Data and Analytics are the enablers of our transformation in servicing our patients, healthcare professionals and our consumers across our three businesses: Pharma, Vaccines and Consumer Healthcare.

We are building new platforms to completely change the way we deliver technology solutions across the pharmaceutical industry - bringing in new technologies for drug discovery to significantly shorten the amount of time it takes to bring new drugs to market and leveraging technology in the real-world to better understand how our drugs and devices can have a greater impact on patients and consumers. Disrupting our approaches to R&D and commercial business processes is allowing us to integrate, simplify, and unlock all our data to drive innovation and decision-making.

We are excited to expand our presence in India with a new world class site in Bengaluru. It’s our ambition to bring together the best and brightest minds, ready to join us in our work to improve the lives of patients and consumers around the globe.


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Why GSK?

At GSK, our purpose is to help people do more, feel better, live longer and our goal is to be one of the world’s most innovative, best performing and trusted healthcare companies.

We are proud of our nearly 100 year legacy in India where we’ve helped to transform people’s health through our extensive product portfolio that includes prescription medicines, vaccines and consumer healthcare products.

We know that healthy communities depend on healthy people who are the backbone of strong, sustainable societies. As a business we have responsibilities to meet the expectations that those societies have of us, and where possible, exceed them. 

What does this mean for YOU?  Simply, working in the pharmaceutical industry allows you to change people’s lives for the better.  Our values of Patient Focus, Transparency, Respect and Integrity underpin everything we do as an organisation and everyone at GSK is focused on 3 priorities – Innovation, Performance and Trust.


Disruption Is a Lifesaver. Healthcare is going through a period of significant disruption – how we access medicines, how we are treated, how we keep ourselves well – is changing almost daily. Disruption has already impacted nearly every other industry. We – and you – have seen what it can do. But now’s the opportunity to take all of the innovations, the knowledge, the approaches that have transformed other industries – and use them to affect something far deeper and more meaningful: Our health. People’s lives. We’re investing in learning platforms to grow our collective capabilities, in everything from software engineering, security, big data, cloud development and product management. At the same time, we’re restructuring and bringing in brand new talent where it’s needed, because only with the right technical skills can we adapt at sufficient speed and scale.

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