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Job opportunities

We discover, make and market life-enhancing products. Below, you can find out more about the work we do and the opportunities that exist, from research and development through to making our products available to those who need them.

Sales and marketing

Sales and marketing role is responsible for commercialising our products. That could mean bringing vaccines to protect people against diseases, marketing our medicines or identifying new research and development opportunities. Our portfolio includes both established brands and newer, innovative medicines. We’re proud of our products. We therefore give our customer-facing professionals an in-depth science training to present our medicines and vaccines properly and reward them for their ability to build relationships with the healthcare industry.

We need passionate people who can think strategically, act with intergrity and live according to our values and behaviours. You should be commercially savvy, ideally with a medical/science interest and an excellent ability to build relationships. A focus on performance and the ability to react to market change are also important. At a senior level, we need people who can create a vision for positive change and inspire others.

Manufacturing and supply

Our global manufacturing and supply (GMS) teams are responsible for making and shipping the products that help patients across the country. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re delivering the medicines and healthcare products that millions of patients and customers rely on every day. You’ll help us create innovative manufacturing and supply chain solutions that keep us at the forefront of our industry. This means making sure that products are manufactured as efficiently as possible and meet the strictest quality standards.

We look for people who appreciate the importance of safety and quality and strive to continuously improve our performance and practices. You should also be able to bring commercial insight and work across functions, businesses and geographic boundaries.

Research and development

Patient-focused research and development is central to our work. We want people who are passionate about improving lives through scientific innovation: those who combine scientific or medical expertise with the ability to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Whatever your field of scientific or medical expertise, you must be prepared to keep learning and evolving.

You should be curious about how you fit into the bigger R&D picture, and able to adapt in a constantly changing scientific and business environment. The relationship-building skills to work with commercial colleagues will be important. Above all, we need scientists who not only focus on what they do, but how they do it.

Business support services

Business support functions form the common core of GSK's operating model and drive a one GSK, enterprise approach. We provide the partnership, strategic counsel and support services the business units need to operate efficiently and effectively. We provide a range of speciality expertise, including audit and assurance; communications and government affairs; information technology; indirect procurement; corporate strategy and development; environment, health, safety and sustainability; finance; global ethics and compliance; global learning and development; human resources; legal and others.

We are looking at professionals who will provide high-quality support services that are attuned to the needs of the business and strategic counsel that drives performance. Our work serves to protect and enhance GSK’s reputation. You should be oriented towards working with transparency and providing visibility of our services and costs.

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