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Post graduate programmes

Esprit commercial (Pharmaceuticals & Vaccines)

Our Esprit commercial pharmaceuticals and vaccines programmes are designed for exceptional MBA postgraduates with previous commercial experience and a passion for working in healthcare. The programme offers you an intensive personal development, on-the-job coaching and access to senior business leaders. You'll take on a series of stretching commercial management roles in 3-4 years, both within your home region and possibly internationally. These involve management at a national or regional level and usually include sales, marketing and roles tailored to fulfil your long-term career goals.

Begin your journey with GSK

Development is one of the leadership expectations at GSK. My selection for GSK's flagship Global talent development programme, Esprit has been a life and career changing experience for me. As an Esprit Associate, I feel excited and grateful for the global opportunities and responsibilities coming my way. It enables me to develop myself as a global business leader and move closer to achieving my personal goal of adding value to life of people.

- Rishabh Gupta, Senior Marketing Manager - Biologicals and Espirit Associate

In return for strong performance, dedication and commitment, the Esprit tailored programme enables high-potential people to develop their knowledge and broaden their global business perspective.

Future leaders programme

As a Future Leader, you'll get an unparalleled insight into the enormous depth, breadth and influence of our business. We have a huge range of opportunities for graduates with the talent and ambition to take our global business further.

Krishna Ashok, Future Leader

The ocean of opportunities and responsibilities entrusted to youngsters through the FLP programme is what attracted me to GSK. There are great expectations from us and with rotations in varied roles across sales, product launches and leadership positions, makes the whole experience very enriching.

- Krishna Ashok, Future Leader

We need future scientists to discover, future engineers and supply chain managers to deliver, and future commercial teams to understand our patients and consumers. And we need tomorrow's experts in IT, finance, HR, communications and procurement to achieve outstanding business performance.

Explore our different programmes, and you'll discover how each one offers you the chance to take on global health challenges for real. To apply, visit our global Future Leaders Programme website.


Deciding what to do in the future is tough. But what if you had the chance to experience life and work at one of the world's leading healthcare companies?


GSK's work experience, placements and internships mean that you can experience the reality of a global healthcare company and get a feel for whether you belong in one.

GSK offers intern and co-op opportunities across most divisions to undergraduates and graduates from a variety of academic backgrounds. The program offers a unique opportunity to utilize, enhance and develop skills particular to your studies in a practical and engaging environment.