Inclusion and diversity

We seek, value and draw on the differing knowledge, perspectives, experiences and styles resident in the larger community.

We aim to create a working environment where all employees feel included, respected and valued for the unique qualities they bring, and are empowered to contribute to their full potential.

GSK defines inclusion as the act of engaging and valuing all people and diversity as the sum total of the characteristics and experiences that make each person unique. Put simply, if diversity is about getting a mix, inclusion is about how to make the mix work.

Inclusion and diversity is an integral part of the GSK priority, ‘Trust’. We aim to capitalise on the gender dividend by creating a more inclusive work environment, enabling GSK to value and draw on the differing knowledge, perspectives, experiences and working styles residing within the organization. The Women’s Leadership Board has been created with an objective of not only hiring talent for diversity but also to nurture and develop this talent to ensure enhanced communication, teamwork and personal and professional development.

- Annapurna Das, Vice President, Hospital Business and Chairperson, Women's Leadership Board
Anil Rohilla, Sales Executive - Biologicals

I have often been advised by people outside my company to change my sales role since they assume it must be very challenging for me. My company or my colleagues however never doubt or advise me such because they can see my achievements. My work at GSK has helped me to remain focused on performance since all decisions are based on merits and not on one’s physical abilities.

- Anil Rohilla, Sales Executive - Biologicals