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Meet our people

We could tell you what it's like to work at GSK, but we think it’s better to let our colleagues do that. Meet some of our people from across our company as they talk about their roles; what brought them to GSK; why they enjoy what they do; and much more.

Ranjana Pandey, Medical Business AssociateOur main responsibility is to engage healthcare practitioners (HCPs) and connect them with our latest medicines that are available to patients with the support of authoritative clinical evidence. We engage HCPs in many ways such as Patient Focus Scientific Selling (PFSS), Hospital Talk (HT) and Multi-Channel Marketing (MCM). Each day is exciting for me, because I feel I contribute towards patient care and safety. GSK encourages transparent, open relationships and a lot of companies have followed suit. We are now focusing on what’s important - to bring science and innovative products to the people of India.

Deepti Nair, Senior Manager, Regulatory AffairsI support new asset registration and product lifecycle management of imported portfolio. I had done my internship with GSK during my pharmacy undergraduate days and since then had wanted to work with the company since I connected with its values and patient focus. I get an opportunity to learn and work with varied portfolio of GSK covering pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, vaccines and cosmetics, which is every regulatory professional’s dream. Every day, I stretch myself to do my best together with my team and colleagues to facilitate the introduction of new innovative products to the Indian patients as quickly as possible.

Sayali Patil, Business ExecutiveI joined GSK as a fresh graduate. It is very gratifying to be a part of such a great team, which not only brings modern touch to medicines but also connects with the life of patients with innovative brands. My key responsibility is to ensure that our medicines are accessible to more patients. I actively engage with healthcare professionals and share the science behind our medicines through multiple touch points, both in person and through use of technology.

I feel pride to be a part of a company that not only believes in quality and innovation but also has a clear direction in terms of security, dignity and welfare of its female employees. I look forward to my continued career growth with GSK.