Our planet

While our primary contribution is to develop new products that improve people’s health, we also create value as a global company by making direct and indirect economic, social, and environmental contributions in the countries where we operate.

We are committed to managing and reducing the environmental impacts of our operations and our products across their lifecycle. Environmental sustainability is a priority for GSK India. We look at practices that incorporate sustainability into the core of our business creating products in a responsible manner to protect the resources we need for the future.

Environmental sustainability

At GSK India, an environmental sustainability strategy is implemented across the entire value chain – from raw materials to product disposal. As we grow our business to bring innovative medicines to people across the world, environment sustainability continues to be a priority and we remain committed to reducing our environmental impact.

Sustainable manufacturing

As part of our sustainability initiatives our Nashik site has undertaken various initiatives for energy conservation in the year 2014 and 2015 that have resulted in reduced energy consumption. These include:

  • Installation of Energy Meters for all major areas and panels at site, with an energy monitoring system to identify and benchmark area wise energy consumption.
  • Working on various options to reduce energy consumption in 2015, including conversion to biomass for boiler, consumption and controls optimisation for HVAC systems, boiler and water reduction.
  • There has been continued efforts to monitor noise levels, recycling of waste and monitoring of gaseous emissions from the boiler that have resulted in sustaining a high level of energy efficiency.
  • With regard to waste management, our waste is segregated and given to government approved vendors for recycling wherever appropriate. Nashik site runs on zero discharge basis with respect to water. Treated site affluent is used for site gardening.